How to create a successful Online Marketing Strategy for your B2B Company


Only marketing strategies are a great way to enhance your e-commerce business, but the problem is how would you know what strategies specifically align well with your business requirements? Are you a business owner facing the challenge of developing a profound digital strategy for business escalation? Do you find it hard to point the specific areas within your digital strategy that make the greatest impact on your sales? Or are you having a trouble aligning your goals with your online marketing strategy? This post answers all of your questions with a simple five-step online marketing approach specifically for business-to-business companies or service providers.

But before we go any further, let’s look at the ingredients that make up a successful online marketing strategy for B2B companies. Peruse:

what goes into a b2b digital strategy

5-Step B2B online marketing strategy

Here is a 5-step B2B online marketing strategy approach that can help you figure out the cracks and find a solution with a comprehensive online marketing action plan. Peruse below:

1. Understand B2B online marketing: Before you even think about outlining a strategy for your business, understand how B2B online marketing works. The diagram mentioned above shows the key ingredients of B2B marketing strategy that include SWOT analysis, value proposition, ROI, customer satisfaction and loyalty. You need to have a clear concept of these elements before you start working on your online marketing strategy.

2. Understand your business requirements: The next step is to understand your business requirements and your customers’ requirements. They both should align well in order to create a balance that will ultimately lead to better sales. You can make this step easy to implement by:

  • Utilizing an e-commerce website with proper analytics
  • Utilizing merchants apps and sales tools to track customer purchase behavior
  • Utilizing quality content to attract the right audience and garner their feedback

3. Understand your audience: The better you know you customer, the stronger you are at promoting your services. Your online marketing strategy should aim to identify and target the right customers through proper keyword research and customer online behavior monitoring. Use the following internet marketing tools to learn more about your audience.

4. Find the Key Influencers in the industry: The next big step is to find the key influencers in the industry that can help you spread the word and aid in bringing more value to the business. You can reach out to your key influencers through social media channels that include Linkedin, Facebook and Twittter, to mention a few.

5. Have a profound digital marketing strategy: Online marketing or digital marketing is the corner stone of successful online businesses. Your online marketing should encompass all the important subsets of digital marketing to provide a comprehensive online marketing approach that will address all the key areas of online promotion. The following image shows the digital marketing strategy planning tool that you can utilize to easily design your own strategy according to your specific business requirements.

digital marketing strategy

B2B companies have a much bigger challenge to face when it comes to online marketing as compared B2C businesses. However, with the utilization of the right online techniques, it is easy to build a digital marketing strategy that will serve all your business promotion needs without costing much time or money.