5 Key Components of Digital Marketing and How to Utilize Them


Digital marketing encompasses a lot of elements that collectively define the success of a digital marketing campaign. When it comes to defining the elements that will be utilized in your digital marketing campaign, it is crucial that you understand the functionality and result of each individual element. This article looks at 5 most crucial components of digital marketing, and how you can utilize them to produce specific results for your company, brand or product.

Primary Components of Digital marketing

Digital marketing consists of various internet marketing elements that collectively play a key role in making digital marketing strategy a success. The following image shows some of the key components of digital marketing that you can’t ignore while establishing a business in Malaysia.

The following image shows the strategy elements for digital marketing that allow you to shape up the strategy for an actionable plan.

After you have conducted the regular competition assessment, found your target market, and outlined goals and objectives for your business, the next step is to focus on the elements that will help you achieve business goals.

Digital Marketing Elements

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of optimizing web pages so they rank higher on the search engine for better prominence. Search engine optimization specifically targets keywords that have the highest possibility of bringing organic traffic to a web page. SEO is usually considered as one of the most important ingredient for successful digital marketing campaigns around the world.

Content marketing:

Content marketing refers to the process of building content strategy and implementing it through the creation of specific content that will work as the basis for the SEO campaign. Digital marketing campaign includes various forms of contents that specifically target the audience of a certain brand; hence, supplementing the overall effort of the SEO campaign. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand to create a successful digital marketing campaign for a business.

Paid Advertisement:

PPC campaigns are just as important as the organic campaigns. For those who are less aware, SEO is geared towards bringing the organic traffic, while PPC and paid online marketing campaigns are focused on advertisement tactics that utilize a push strategy to increase popularity of a brand. Both forms are equally important when it comes to developing a strong digital marketing campaign.

Web Analytics:

Web analytics are just as important as any other component of a digital marketing as they allow business to track the progress of their online marketing campaigns and , essentially, show them where they stand and what step they need to take to improve current position. Google analytics is the most common type of analytics used by businesses around the world.

Social Media Marketing:

SMM allows you to connect to your target audience via social media channels in order to create a constant path for brand awareness. Social media marketing can be utilized in addition to the above-mentioned digital marketing elements to supplement the overall effect of online marketing campaigns.

The following image shows a digital marketing strategy matrix and how it can be utilized to achieve specific results.

In order to ensure that you run a success online marketing campaign, it is crucial that you consider all the above-mentioned elements and incorporate them in your business strategy.