Google analytics for entrepreneurs: How to get started with Google analytics


Brief guide to using Google analytics

Would you like to learn more about your website health? Google Analytics can help you become smart about how you manage your website performance.

For those who are a bit hazy about the idea of Google Analytics, it is a premium web-based service offered by Google to help website owners monitor and review website traffic. It is the most widely utilized web analytics service on the internet. You can utilize the service as a Google Analytics 360, Google Analytics Premium, and Google analytics through primary account and Google analytics for apps.

Why you need to use Google analytics?

Google analytics help you see the through statistics that help you analyze the position of your website and helps you consider the improvements that can improve the current position of your website. Following are some of the prominent analytics results that can benefit your overall digital marketing campaign:

  • The total number of website visitors
  • The demographics of the visitors
  • Links that generate traffic for your website
  • Online marketing tactics that generate the traffic
  • The most popular web pages that receive the highest traffic
  • The number of visitors that have converted into customers
  • Which external pages generate the visitors for your specific web page
  • The current website speed and how to improve it
  • Content that receives the most visits

The following image shows the Google Analytics Dashboard.

Getting started with Google Analytics

Utilizing Google Analytics is simple to use if you have one website.

The following steps can help you set up your website for Google Analytics:

1. Log in to your primary Gmail account and sign up for Google Analytics
2. Configure the settings for your profile
3. Add users into your account if needed
4. Generate and copy paste the tracking code to your website

How Google Analytics helps with business development?

Google Analytics has changed the way website owners monitor and track their websites’ traffic to analyze the results for a better understanding of the target audience. Without the Google analytics it is impossible to monitor your site traffic and its demographics in an extensive research format.

Here’s how Google analytics helps you develop business for long-lasting returns. The Google analytics, you can have access to extensive search engine repair that highlight the number of visitors, their location and preferences, external websites linking back to your website and various other analytical tactics that help you understand where your business stands.

These reports help you understand which content works well, and which external influences are promoting your website and contributing to our generating sales. With Google Analytics, you can eliminate the factors that are a hindrance in your online promotion activities, and add the factors that contribute towards overall site ranking and online prominence.

Google Analytics tracker embedded in your website consistently monitors the traffic and generates reports that you can view at a later time. Your search engine optimization specialists and online marketing experts can use that information to help you garner the desired results in terms of sales and brand awareness.