Online Business Strategies Coaching part 1



Stages of an Online Business Startup

  • Aware
  • Response
  • Declaration
  • 1st Client
  • 1st Session
  • Results
  • Breakdown
  • Bigger Win
  • Love

What Online Business Owner is & What Online Business Owner isn’t

  • Marketer
  • Sales
  • Manager

4 Levels of Online Business Ownership

Foundation of Online Business Skills

  • Change Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Listening & Observation Skills
  • Rapport Building Skills

Target Market Questions

1. Describe the type of person you like to work with the most.

2. Describe the type of person that would be likely to most feel in rapport with you.

3. Give the demographics of people who are most attracted to you professionally: Live? Income? Age? Typical Profession? Etc?

4. What are some of your core values (that you want your customers to share)?

5. Who would you just spend time with even if they weren’t paying you?

Results for Your Target Market

1. What tangible results does your target market want to achieve?

2. What kind of emotional results do they want to have?

3. How quickly do they want it?