Press Media Release Strategy

Get Your Brand Name in Online Media

The common knowledge says- if there is no name, there certainly is no gain. People have to know you so well to take a keen interest in you. That’s how intimate and healthy public relations become indispensable. Reason is simple and answer is logical. Market is flooded with so many options today that it can sometimes be overwhelming for consumers to make decisive choice. Because quite frankly most of them are at par with each other in terms of quality, content and services. Certainly, consumer is at gain but also very confused deciding which one to endorse. Globalisation has also played a pivotal part to add to this utter confusion.

Communicating Message and getting Noticed

So the purpose here is to get positively introduced, noticed and then recognised by the target audience. In a competitive market today, one has to go extra mile to create a reputation and inculcate blind trust among its clients. It becomes imperative to send out the message and to be aptly heard or seen by everyone.

Now the idea is how to get promoted that leaves an effective impression on public mind. One way is paid medium that is advertising through different channels like print and electronic medium which is very traditional and practical method to get started. Promotional ads through television, radio and print are fantastic mode and if creatively designed and executed, can leave a lasting impact on consumers. In fact, that is how a lot organisations or individuals choose to get introduced in public domain and this medium is here to stay permanently. However, there is a flip side to advertising through paid media. They are short, crisp and interesting and easily noticeable but they remain on public mind for a very short duration. Public memory is short and human nature is inquisitive and always looks for something new. Change is always welcome.

Besides this, when competition is stark and everyone fights each other for survival and sustenance, undeniably, the real work begins. The aim is to convince customers of fantastic results and services and so the need arises to create an impeccable brand name for self that symbolises unparallel and unsurpassed authenticity, quality and service. This method is unpaid but has a long lasting impact. Have you ever wondered why a certain brand of jeans or chocolate is more popular and saleable than the other? The answer is unquestionable brand image.

This wonderful task in managed and executed by professionals who have mastered the skill at public relations. These task masters, spread out information among target audience and provide for ample exposure and communication between company and their prospective clients, opinion makers and investors.

Public Relations and Various Platforms

The Public Relations experts ensure wide recognition and endorsement among viewers and potential business associates. They have an important responsibility to design campaigns and communicate company policies and vision to people in general. A number of interesting methods are employed for this. One of them is taking up social messages or a latest topic of public interest. These issues can range from politics, any incident that has grabbed enough eyeballs, a pertinent social message or any act of an individual that has attracted wide attention. It’s up to PR personnel how they decide to capitalise these issues to promote organisational interest. Innovation is the key in such cases.

It involves great talent to exploit such topics for company benefit. Interest articles and newsletters are written, blogs are created and discussions are encouraged to engage public opinion. Individuals who have created news are encouraged to talk to audience through various platforms.

Social Media: Revolutionary and Innovative

Public relations specialists involved in media campaign for the organization use several tactics as brand managers like writing news pieces and planning interviews for company spokesperson, disseminating information through official websites and social media.

Now when we talk of Social Media, we can’t overlook the way it has revolutionised and changed the entire perspective about the way we see things. It’s amazing how issues can find so much attention that provokes debate and discussion among users of such social media channels. Suddenly everyone has found voice to express their emotions, opinions, happiness and anger towards anything that finds its place on social media. These computer based technology has found its way everywhere like Smartphone, tabs and others.

Some of the most popular social media and search engines sites are Wikipedia, yahoo news, facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and many more with millions of users worldwide.

The web based interactive channels allows the use of location and time-sensitive features of social media in order to engage in market analysis, communication, promotions and discounts to build long lasting relationship with clients.

Companies go extra mile to form loyalty programs by offering exciting discounts and range of products which are easily accessible. This is known as online shopping or e-commerce. Social media sites are implementing marketing-friendly strategies and business opportunities that are profitable to both organisation as well as consumer.

Profitable Business Schemes through social media.

Interactive social media platforms can manipulate and effect business and commercial performance. They encourage and develop firm relationship with people and augment corporate prosperity. This is done by understanding requirements and dislikes of the customer. There is no better way to understand if a product will find any market or not by talking to customer directly. Social media channels make this possible. Such revealed preferences and social marketing enhances financial and market competency.

Also such marketable promotions are further boosted by finding regular mention on search engines which are depended on viewer’s choice. The more a company and its products are looked for by people, more frequently it appears on the user’s search list. This further goes on to prove that public relations drive can be more successful though social channels than any other way. This is one of the easiest ways to convert a mere reader or a viewer in to a buyer.

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