Online Reputation Mangement

We erase your "BAD" we help you build your "GOOD"

We help you rebuild your Positive Reputation by deleting unwanted and erroneous information and help guarantee your right to anonymity

Have you found online content you want to remove??

Whether due to a pissed off employee, an angry client, a malicious attack, a competitor , a disgruntled fans  or countless other circumstances, your online presence may not represent you as you would like. iWON Marketing will listen to your case and perform a deep search across the Internet for all information –no matter in google search, youtube search, etc-  that may appear in searches and that hurt you personally or your company. We will provide free Consultation to understand, and analyze the existing damages that you spot  . Then, you simply inform us which specific information you want removed, and we will delete or modify it from the Internet.

Whether you are an individual or business, if you need help correcting your online presence, our consultation is free.
You will only pay to have compromising information and/or images removed on your behalf.

Is Your Bad News / Negative Impression Website appear on First Page of Google Search?

Especially New business or business who is very dependent on Review  or something that you did in the past appear on Search Engine.

When you are very new to customer and customer like to know you more.

When you are selling something that is related to health or money,  Customer always like to search before “Real” engage again with You.

What kind of business need to remove the bad links?

We help company, individual or business who is related to beauty, health  and money .  For example:

  • Multilevel Marketing Company
  • Beauty Products
  • Clinics
  • Dato & Datin
  • Politician
  • Cryptocurrency Company


However, the King always need a bunch of Advisors to guide and comment him.

Let me tell you the truth, Audience is Brainless!

  • First Impression is the truth?
  • The more people is telling, the truth is it..?
  • Press Release is telling you the truth?
  • They know how your product will impact them?
  • They know whether who is good merchant?
  • They are able to value your brand?

Therefore ,

Your Audience 100% checking you online.

How can a Business have a Good and Strong Online Reputation?

Always be up to date and aware of what is happening around you and what are people talking about you and your business

The second step would be focus on your strength’s. It is more important to spread the right word.

The third step is to be as real as possible that is being authentic. Don’t use the same contents or tones that that the others have been using.

Services we provide


Clear your bad name in Internet search engines is possible and completely erase your past.


We have all the Mass Media Network in the world to assist in growing the noise.


We have bunch of SEO Experts. Besides, we also have a special team of Negative SEO specialist whose hide underground.


Yes. We do use Online Troops, Millions accounts, Social influencers, Blackhat, As long as it can achieve the result. We will apply any techniques.


Brainstorming various Brand strategies to make sure your brand to be “Positive“

How many potential customers have already been turned away after seeing damaging information online?

How many potential customers have already been turned away after seeing damaging information online? At IWON TECHNOLOGY, we can help protect your online reputation with our Internet Reputation Management services. Don’t let negative content damage your business. Contact us today to learn more.

As a business owner, you may believe your online reputation is spotless. But how long will it stay that way before negative content surfaces? When will you become aware of it? In the meantime, your business could be suffering without you even knowing it.

At IWON TECHNOLOGY, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation for you and your business. Our team of dedicated searchers monitors all online links related to your company 24/7, ensuring that you are always up-to-date on any comments or articles regarding your business.

We act quickly to inform you of any negative content, and with your approval, we will take the necessary steps to remove it.

Just like cleaning your office every day to prevent dirt from accumulating, we believe that it is important to clean up any false information or complaints about your business regularly.

Get in touch with us for a personalized quote, and we will analyze your specific needs to develop a tailored plan of action for you and your company.

At IWON TECHNOLOGY, we are committed to monitoring and defending your online reputation with all our resources, ensuring guaranteed results.

What we provide

This is the Report we will provide you for tracking all the negative link ranking progress.

When first get our Consultation for Free, What you need to give us is the keywords and Negative URL .

To kick off the project , You can choose to suppress negative url based on:

  • Any language
  • Any Google Location (search engine from any country)
  • Any Device such as Desktop or Mobile
  • Google / Yahoo / Bing / Youtube
  • Keywords
  • Search Location


All the platform on internet such as  Google Search,  Youtube Search, Google Relevant Search , Social Media Search, Yahoo Search, etc

It means, we need to protect your brand search results (with real examples) without any fake information.

You can check from Google Search,  Youtube Search, Google Relevant Search , Social Media Search, Yahoo Search, etc

The ORM main objective is to push the Brand information and details with positive and real examples. It’s not for keywords ranking.

if you want to promote only Company name or Personal Name then we need to use ORM services. If You want to push Keyword Ranking then you can get SEO Services.

We need get brief details about Company.

Maintain Your 's Brand Online Reputation

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