One rate SMS Marketing for Worldwide users

SMS is the Conventional Direct Messaging Marketing Solution and it is the most reliable solution which is nowadays mostly used by Government, Banking and Finance Sector.

With over 7.9 billion users around the globe, SMS is mostly used by every users. As SMS became a conventional way in the communication industry, marketers saw the enormous potential that this communication channel, and this is much more cheaper and legal free compare to traditional SMS Blasting. Our system is the only one in the world who provide one standard rate for worldwide users.

Reasons you need SMS Marketing

Explore new Users market
Contact to the strangers whom You Don’t Know
Test Your Product Response
Increase Conversion Rate
Dare to Broadcast a News without using your personal number
Avoid getting banned by spamming around
A new generation SMS marketing method
Self managed portal

Frequent Asked Question

You can send text only

  • Text – 160 Characters

Sender name is unknown

Yes. please contact us at [email protected] to request demo account

The message is charged per campaign submission. Means how many numbers is submitted, then it will be charged accordingly no matter the number is existed or not. 

Please contact us to reset your password

Monday to Saturday 10pm to 8pm
Sunday will open depending on volume

Please check if the send number is correct , it should be as the following format:

    Date of Blasting :
    Campaign Number (TXT File Only) ( For example 6012XXXXX one number per line)
    Campaign Message :
    Attachment (Image, PDF, Audio) if any :
    Video Link (if any) :