Social WordPress Plug-ins for blog improvement in 2017


Social WordPress plug-ins for your blog and their benefits

Are you looking to increase your blog’s popularity? Would you like to increase the number of shares and likes on your blog posts for better visibility?

Social media WordPress plug-ins are a great way to increase the visibility of your blog posts and increase the brand awareness to garner substantial sales. WordPress is the most commonly utilized content management system around the world with hundreds of plug-ins that make your WordPress website or blog easy to maintain and promote. Unfortunately, many new bloggers and entrepreneurs do not know the power of social media plug-ins. In this post, we will highlight the most prominent social media plug-ins that can help you increase the prominence of your website to measure the interest of your target audience.

Why do you need a social WordPress plug-ins?

What is the purpose of your blog? Would you like to see your blog bring good amount of shares and likes? And most importantly, would you like to see the statistics regarding your blog’s traffic? Social sharing plug-ins are a great way to give your blog a monitoring tool that keeps you informed about the social shares. These statistics can be used to draw conclusions about the performance of a certain post.

As mentioned above, social media plug-ins allow you to share your content through your blog. The plug-ins essentially increase the shareability of your material or content that drives target audience towards your services. Every plug-in has its own features, pros and cons, that can be utilized according to your specific blog requirements. However, all plug-ins have one thing in common: they all allow easy content sharing. Social media sharing is a crucial part of overall digital marketing campaign, and using the right WordPress plug-ins can help you increase your brand awareness and profitability in the long run.

List of most popular Social WordPress Plug-ins

SumoMe Sharer

Social Warfare


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


WP Social Sharing

Custom Share Buttons


The Features of the most common plug-ins:

  • Support for all popular social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and instagram
  • Various eye-catching layouts and themes to match your blog look
  • Display of total shares
  • Display of share buttons
  • Ability to add custom texts for different individual posts
  • Display of popular posts according to share count
  • Increased social media traffic through constant sharing
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Easy to track shares, posts and likes with a built-in feature for statistics

Social media plug-ins are a great way to enhance the usability and shareability of your blog. As mentioned above, the WordPress social plug-ins allow you to easily create buttons to increase the shares of a certain post.

Many entrepreneurs and new website users who comprehend the use of social share plug-ins find the right way to measure their social engagement. Online marketing experts recommend the use of the right social share plug-ins to make sure the consistency in social sharing for substantial exposure.

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