How to Use YouTube to help you augment your business


YouTube marketing and Business development

How can a single video help a company generate thousands of dollars in revenue? How is it possible that the single video a company can achieve its digital marketing goals?

Do you want to be that company? If the answer is yes, then you are looking for YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular social media networks, after Facebook, on the planet. That’s right! YouTube can single-handedly help you achieve your digital marketing goals! In this post, we will look at YouTube marketing basics to help you get started with videos that can actually help you develop and sustain your online business.

What exactly is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is a part of digital marketing and involves video marketing tactics that are aimed at delivering the marketing content to help the target audience understand the businesses message. In simple words, YouTube marketing involves the use of YouTube videos to generate marketing material that directly contributes towards online prominence and sales of a business.

YouTube marketing simply involves the creation of videos that are embedded with marketing messages to bring customers towards the company’s website. However, YouTube marketing is much more than just delivering marketing related material through video ads; it is about delivering the brand message to the target audience through engaging videos that not only deliver the brand awareness message, but also establish a call to action to help customers reach the ecommerce page.

How does it help with business development?

YouTube marketing entails 6-7 steps that include:

  • YouTube video creation
  • YouTube video upload with the right title and file name
  • Creation of the right tags and descriptions
  • Setting up YouTube ads, such as banner ads
  • YouTube you targeting
  • YouTube keyword placement
  • YouTube demographics setting

As mentioned above, YouTube marketing is a part of overall digital marketing and online marketing campaigns. It contributes towards the success of your brand through high quality videos that address various user problems in a visually stunning and engaging way.

What do I need to have to jump start YouTube marketing?

In order to be successful on YouTube marketing, it is important that you understand how search engine optimization works for videos. A search engine optimization specialist understands how to place keywords within the video description to help them optimized for better search engine ranking.

In addition, it is important that you understand the importance of creating quality video. Remember that YouTube is full of videos that aim to launch a brand’s message, but not every video is successful. There are a couple of key components of quality video that you should keep in mind. They include:

  • To-the-point, concise video content
  • Use of graphics and animations
  • Appropriate video time
  • Right file format and pixel conversion
  • Right meta tags, categories and descriptions
  • Choosing right demographics

People are more drawn to videos than they are to content. YouTube marketing has been proven to be more powerful than any other social media channel with more than 74% of the population watching videos. Employ YouTube marketing today to increase your chances of sales.