How to Build a Strong Media Marketing Team


Including all employees in social media marketing campaign

Do you want to increase your social media reach for better results?

A company’s marketing strategy entails a lot of factors, some of which include company’s resources, suppliers, industry connections and expertise. However, the most important factor remains the human resource. Employees are valuable to your company in more ways than you can imagine. Many entrepreneurs and novice business owners fail to understand the importance of the right employees, which leads to unstable company structure and reduced success over the years. In this article, we look at how your employees can collectively contribute towards your social media marketing campaign and help you increase your chances of online success.

Follow the following tips to utilize your human resources in the right way for a promising future.

Use centralized Communication system:

Online marketing and communication tools allow you to create a centralized communication that involves all the layers of your organizations.

A centralized communication can be achieved through Enterprise business solutions that aim to offer you a one portal for managing employee communication and data. This helps you involve employees in the prominent business decisions and get their input.

Have Brainstorming sessions:

Regular brainstorming sessions are a great to get the juices flowing. Involve all your employees in the social media marketing strategy planning session and schedule sessions to give your employees a chance to bring forth their ideas.

Allow your employees to comment on your strategic approach towards carrying out the social media activities and the social media posting calendar. Set up an online meeting board to allow employees to add suggestions. Google Mindmup is a great tool for thoughts and suggestions.

Include your employees in social media activities:

There will be times when you will receive a review or a comment from a customer that requires a specific response. Do not let your sales team handle every comment; allow your employees to pitch in their voice it comes to responding to the customer comments.

The best way to do is to let every department handle relevant customer reviews/comments. In addition, get employees involve in other social media activities, such as everyday postings.

Encourage employees through appreciation:

When your employees go out of their way to do something incredible for the company, do not hesitate to publish their contribution or achievement on your website blog and social media channels.

This serves as a great self-esteem booster for the employees that ultimately helps with the overall organizational productivity. Gone are the days of placing a photograph of the employee an “employee of the month” label; today it’s all about online promotion. Therefore, give your employees the recognition they deserve and excel as a team.

Research shows that companies who understand the importance of team building and teamwork are the ones that always make it through the toughest times. Employee involvement and retention should be one of the important concerns for your while starting out as a business owner.

How do you involve employees with social media activities? Share your opinion with us through our comment section below.

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