3 Things to do during competitor keyword analysis in Malaysia


1. Identify your competitors

First come is to identify who are your competitors. It can be any direct or indirect (market) competitors that exist in online marketplace. These direct or indirect competitors may use same or similar competitive keywords to rank their website or webpages. Sound complicated? Now, you can try to search some keywords such as “how to write an essay” in search engine; you may see several website or webpage with links appear in search engine result page(SERPs). This website or webpages may relate or not related to what you are looking for. For example, the website that matches your desire search intention may be an education website (related website or webpages); in adverse that website or webpage which might have similar or not related to your desire search intention such as Travel Blog, etc…

2. Competitor keywords research

Secondly, try to research some keywords that your competitors generally rank for their website and webpages. To do this, you need a keyword research tool to work together with you. A keyword research tool like Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEMrush, etc… that enable online marketers or users to track competitor’s competitive or non-competitive keywords use on their website or webpages in order to reach the first page of the SERPs. When you have tools to investigate your competitor’s keywords, the following things you need to do are collect and analyses those keywords and decide which keywords can be used on your website or webpages.

3. Pay attention to high-ranking competitor content

Have you thought “Why your competitor spent a lot of money on high competitive keywords” before? There is some reason behind the truth. The most possible reason is that those keywords are valuable and able to generate high qualified traffic. While competitor use paid search on competitive keywords, it also creates an opportunity for you to get free traffic by ranking organically. Much of the time, the keywords you find by means of this course will be a transcendently base channel, business purpose catchphrases. This may imply that the SERP is crowded with paid ads results and incredibly powerful domains.