3 Classy Ways to Prevent Negative Online Reviews from Ruining Your Reputation


Since the inception of social media networks and online business directories, businesses have become more transparent in their operations. Today, it is impossible for a business to operate undercover; you want your fair share of customers and revenue, you have to put yourself out there in the world on an online platform. Online marketing Malaysia and visibility offers myriad benefits when you put yourself out there, but at the same time it makes you vulnerable because your customers get a free hand at reviewing your product and services in whatever way they want. So, what can you do when you feel the panic attack from a negative online review? Scroll below to find out.

What does a negative review mean?

Before we go into the strategy to deal with the negative reviews, it is important to understand what negative review means. For many online marketers and business owners, a negative review is essentially a jab at their online brand reputation. This is simply not true; a negative review is an opportunity for you to convince one of your customers how much you care about them. Therefore, do not panic when you see a negative review, instead take a deep breath and prepare to respond.

How to deal with negative online reviews online in 3 simple steps?

1. Respond Positively: Never respond to a negative review with a negative comment. Remember that your customer is your most important asset for repeat business and long lasting revenue, so you can’t make your customer any angrier than he already is. Respond positively with an apologetic attitude that lets your customer know that you are sorry that he had to go through a certain thing that became the cause of the negative review. Consider the following example:

2. Talk to the Customer: Before you post your comment under your customer’s negative review, make sure that you read it out loud. If possible, have somebody else in the office take a look at the comment. Remember that there is no margin for error here; your customer is already mad at your service, people are looking at you, and this is your chance to make things right. Create a conversation with your customer and try to make him see your point. Consider another example to understand how you can respond to a negative review.

3. Improve and Check Back: The solution to a negative review is not just the positive comment or the friendly conversation; you have to take action to resolve any issues that your customer is facing. Communicate with them and possible gather their email or other contact information to make sure that you check back to see if they are satisfied. If they are happy the way you resolve their problem, politely encourage them to give you another, improved review.

Don’t be afraid to have negative reviews, they are essentially an opportunity for you to reach out to your customers and prove that you care about their problems and issues. Take negative reviews seriously and respond back instead of ignoring them. Treat your customer’s problems as your problems and you will ensure that there is never a chance for another negative review.