3 Simple Strategies for Viral Marketing


Internet changed a lot of things in the past couple of decades especially in the realm of marketing. Online Marketing or internet marketing has changed the way marketers Market their products and services to the vast majority. Viral marketing is a component of internet marketing that aims at promoting a company’s products and services with a clever online Word of Mouth strategy. In fact, viral marketing is essentially word-of-mouth marketing, mainly because it passes as a subset of online word-of-mouth marketing. This article discusses the four simple strategies for online viral marketing. But before we get into that let’s first define viral marketing.Viral marketing is a form of online marketing strategy that allows users to share information about a product or service with other users through social media Networks.

Channels for viral marketing

The most important Avenues to implement our marketing strategy include:

  • Email
  • Social media platforms
  • Websites
  • Video sharing sites

    The golden rule

    Before we discuss strategies for viral marketing it is important to mention one golden rule and that is create high- share rate content. The content with high share rate entails content strategy that looks into devising visual and audio content with high probability of shareability and likability. As a marketer, you have to analyze what kind of content will fall under the category of highly shareable content.

    In simple words, you have to make sure that the content can be highly likeable by your target audience.

    Here are the four effective viral marketing strategies to increase traffic and your product’s visibility online.
    1. Utilize reddit promotion: Reddit is one of the most social networking platforms at the moment. You can use Reddit advertising to promote your product or services and utilize traffic packed platform for content marketing. You can share articles, memes and everything that is unique and shareable.
    2. Utilize article/ebook marketing: Ebook and article marketing is one of the oldest forms of content marketing that have proven to produce results that generate ample traffic. Ebooks and articles with informative content get quickly shared on social media platforms. Create ebooks and articles that target real issues.
    3. Share video content: Video content is another form of content that is highly shareable and is perfect for viral marketing. Create unique and tasteful videos that not only promote your product or service, but also help your target audience understand your message. It is very crucial that the message, brand image and company philosophy is represented through careful choice of words and graphics. Remember that your customers will recognize your brand through these 3 key elements. Therefore, make sure that brand image, philosophy, and word choice goes well with your goals and objectives for a transparent communication with your customers. The whole purpose of viral marketing target audience remembers you. In today’s highly competitive world, it is crucial that your brand has ample mind share. Viral marketing helps you ensure that your company’s philosophy or brand message is constantly being heard and remembered.