5 Key Benefits of Using SEO


Search Engine Optimization is widely used as a digital marketing strategy to improve google ranking. Due to its effectiveness, SEO strategy is growing rapidly over the past few years. Today, we would like to share 5 benefits of using SEO strategy for a company. After these, you will know how awesome SEO can be.

Improve traffic – Being on the top position of search engine result page can increase significant traffic to your website because of the impressions and clicks. People normally click on first page result, hence, the chance of getting clicks and traffic is also high. Besides, it can also help to increase web traffic using attractive and relevant keyword, title tags, and meta descriptions which can help to raise the click through rate.

Brand exposure –Website that appear on the top position of search result page tend to have higher exposure, hence it can help to create and boost your brand awareness with free of charge. Moreover, when your targeted keywords appear on the first page, it can help searcher to find your brand easily and also help build trust as searcher perceived to be more trustful. In order for your users to click and see your content, you need to ensure your pages and content rank high position enough in search engine.

ROI- Many company love to use SEO because it provides trackable and quantifiable result. You can track the result in term of ranking, traffic and conversions. Moreover, you can see which users have visit and interact with your website using comprehensive analytic and other engagement metrics. For Ecommerce site, you can check out which route users take to complete a sale such as keyword they search when purchasing your product. While,for non-ecommerce site, you can turn user to lead conversion through contact us form and find out the value of your SEO strategy.

Cost effectiveness – SEO help you to target users who are actively searching for your products and service online, it will not waste your time and cost for targeting non-prospective users. When comparing to SEO inbound nature with outbound strategies such as cold calling, it can help business to save money. Since SEO help to target the right users, the traffic gain from SEO is more worthy and qualified than other marketing strategies, which help to save marketing cost.