Why SEO is important for business, especially online business


Why SEO is important for business, especially online business

SEO practice is pretty famous nowadays and getting more business involve in SEO. SEO can bring much advantages to your business such as business visibility, business credibility, business traffic, and great ROI

Business visibility

When selling product or service online, you want your customer able to find your website easily. For customer to get through your business easily, you need to appear high in search ranking to make it possible. You need to estimate and study what your potential customer will type in order to search your website. Searcher often search again and again with different terms in search engine. What you need to achieve is continually appear in all these search result to get more brand awareness from potential customer. This can lead to higher chance of customer click through to your website as it shows more trustworthy.

Business credibility

Searchers tend to believe website that rank on the first page search engine. The higher the ranking, the more confidence a searcher will click on your website. ‘Since google shows this business is relevant to my search term, so there must be the case’.

For example, when a person searching for house cleaning service, they probably will click on the first page result to require for a service instead of calling the business on the 10th page of the listing. High search ranking make searcher feel that your website is credible and trustful.

Business traffic

High traffic does not guarantee you sales, but there are high possibilities of these traffic will be your customer one day as they are qualified leads. When they search your website, it means that they already have need or interest in your product or service. Just like you would set up your storefront at place with high traffic.

Great return on investment in Advertising

Doing a great job in SEO can bring higher rewards than many of the offline advertising. SEO can be considered as an inbound marketing strategy; it enables business to market to customer when they are looking for the products or services. Customers may find out traditional advertising become annoying as ads appear during their favorite TV show. Company that use SEO don’t have to convince customer to buy your product or service; you just need to persuade them that you are the right business to purchase from. Chance of making sales become higher when customer find you, instead of you find customer.

Valuable insight

All the traffics that come your website can be track using google analytics. Google analytic is an amazing tool that can provide insight into your customer such as how they search, how long they search, how they browse and what language they use., what time they are most active and etc. All of these information is useful as it can assist business to make strategies and decision making