Basic knowledge for Link Buildings in SEO


Basic knowledge for Link Buildings in SEO

Link building is a core area of SEO Strategy, if you want to build your website ranking, you definitely need to focus on doing backlinks.

What is backlink?

Backlinks are those references to your content on other website. When other author or website mentioned your content to readers, you will earn a backlink to your website. Google will take note of the quantity and quality of these backlinks to check rank your website’s authority.

Gaining more backlinks is not enough, all the link must quality enough so that it can positively impact your ranking. A website with high reference and high quality are more easily to rank on search engine result page.

Links Quality Criteria

In order to avoid in dropping ranks, you can’t build those low quality or suspicious links. Spamming large number of links without any relevancy and quality will get reduced your ranking in search engine.

How to judge whether your backlinks are quality or not? Here are some factors that may determine a link’s quality.

  • The relevancy of topic.

Links from website that have similar topic will have better ranking as it carries more authority than other random or non-related site. Backlinks from non-relevant website will not help you increase in SEO rankings.

  • Popularity of linking site.

Link from domain that search engine consider authority are said to be more high quality. If you can get backlinks from website that have good quality links it can work good as well,

  • Domain that are trustful

Search engine does asses a website trust, hence, links from trustworthy site can help to improve rankings better.

Link Building

Link building is a process of getting new backlinks as link building. Link building is a long process and you need patience, strategy and creativity to done it well.

You need to build links that qualify with the criteria above for your website to get ranks hence is not an easy task.

Below are some ways to do link building.

Editorial links:  You can get backlinks from website that reference your content on their own website. This also known as organic links.

Outreach: you can contact others relevant website for links as one of the possible way to build link. You can write a valuable content and suggest where they can link to it then email to them. If they find it interest, they will reference.

Guest posting: you can publish blog article on third part website. Normally they will include link to your site in the content.

Competitor analysis:You can analyse your competitor’s backlinks to figure those backlinks that you can recreate their sites too.

Profile links. Many websites are available to create a links. You can create a profile and list down your website as a reference.