SEO On Page And Off Page SEO Tips


SEO On Page And Off Page SEO Tips

SEO is an important requirement of website to be rank on search engine result page.

Most digital marketing plans are now included SEO or organic search in order to make up a good website. A good and well perform SEO can help a business to convert visitor to buyer, hence work hard in SEO practice will bring you profit someday.

Here are some tips for you to go through when building on page & off page SEO

On Page SEO

On-page SEO including keywords, content, title, meta description, etc.

When build on page SEO, it is important to make your webpages relate to each other within section and navigation of the site.

Keywords & Content

Before you write a content, you need to know what keywords you should optimize in your SEO content. You have to do keyword research to figure out what topic and phrases your users will type to find your website. You have to target the right keywords in order for your content to be reached and read by target audience. There are SEO tools you can use to find the right terms, phrases and topic.

Content should include valuable and useful information in order to compete with another site.

Title & Meta Description

The title must be relevant and unique for each page on your site. The title should be simple and include related keywords. Do not write too long or too short title.

For meta description, it works just like title. You need to have a unique and relevant meta description for reach page. Meta description should include relevant keywords and a short brief about the content.


Off page SEO

Off page SEO are elements that are not control within your website. On page SEO can affect your relevancy and trust of your content to search engine. While off page SEO can affect your authority and status.


If you can create backlinks from credible and authoritative website to your website, then it provides useful help in SEO ranking. You can ask bloggers create backlink to your website through their content. If you did well in your content, there are people naturally want to link your website.

Social media

Using social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram can increase you SEO efforts, however it does not impact much on your ranking. You can link your website to active social media account to increase visit rate and vice versa.  Most people use their social media every day, thus linking with social media can help to increase your brand awareness.

That’s all for both on-page and off page tips. If you can master on both, you can set your website success.