Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors in 2018


Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

Every year Google updates new ranking factor, hence SEO agency or business need to keep themselves update with the latest SEO ranking factors.

All these ranking factors are main to improve user experience. There are hundreds of ranking factors will be used by Google when evaluating websites. It can be quite difficult for you to follow and update all the factors, hence this article will highlight 5 ranking factor that probably to be the most important criteria in 2018.

Publish quality and relevant content

Content is king, the content in your website can affect your ranking in search engines. Publishing quality content is still important for 2018, no one should ignore it if they want get high ranking.

What does quality content means? You need to write valuable information for user and also relevant with your keywords. Content that optimized for keywords is critical and affecting ranking.

Quality content can help to raise time on page, decrease bounce rate and provide useful information for user. One example is blog page that provide guides and tips.

Mobile-Friendly Site

In the age of mobile-first index, mobile website is important critical to maintain your website ranking. Your content need to available in both desktop and mobile in order to stay alive. In Recent years, user search on mobile phone is more than computer. Therefore, website that is not mobile-friendly tend to have higher bounce-rate. You also need to keep your site loading fast as user does not like to wait for the page to load.

Create a Secure Website (HTTPS)

HTTPs ranking factors is not new, google announce HTTPs as a ranking criteria in 2014.

Google has announced that site without HTTPs will flag site as not secure in the url bar at chrome browser. Site that refuse change to HTTPS, will face increase in bounce rate. When switching to HTTPS you need to work carefully to avoid canonicalizing issue to your site.

User experience is important.

Favourable and unfavourable user experience will bring impact to SEO ranking. Website that ignore user experience will end up facing serious issue, users will stop clicking and engaging to your website. To improve user experience, your website content and layout need to be attractive and updated enough. A webpage with regular update and optimizing mobile friendly tend to have higher visitor and conversion rate. Website with site architecture is recommended as it help user to search information faster and easier.

Fast Loading Page Speed

Page speed is now an important mobile ranking factor in Google. Website with slow loading speed will have higher visitor and revenue lost out, hence you need to ensure website run smooth and fast. Amazon earn high revenue each year by providing user fast load speeds. Few second delays will decrease a page view and revenue, therefore, business should not take the risk. There are tool and software available for you to test website’s average page speed, thus try out your speed to avoid delay issue occurs.