Step to write an awesome article for SEO purpose


Step to write an awesome article for SEO purpose

Content is one of the key criteria to improve search ranking to the first page. Therefore, knowing how to write a great content can help online business growth in search engine.

Content that does not appear on the top page is consider wasting time, as users will not have the chance to click and read.

If you want to write a compelling and highly converting content, you refer to the method below:

Step 1 – use right keyword

One of the important criteria that determine your content will be ranking or not is the keyword you have type. Using difficult keyword with unaged domain is probably wasting your time.

Start to build your website using simple keywords. You can use google keyword planner or using Ahrefs to search keywords. It can help you to filter keywords from low to difficult.

Step 2- keep article words between 1500 to 2000 words

Writing content in a long form has a better performance than short form content. When your content is attractive and long enough, users tend to spend more time on your site that will lead to better rankings in SEO. Lengthy post considered golden rule of white-hat SEO that you should follow.

If you want to boost your content in SEO, then your content need to provide user valuable and useful information. The information need to be details for users to understand.

Step 3: Write attractive meta title and meta descriptions to increase click through rate.

High click through rate can helps in SEO ranking as google take into consideration of each website click through rate. The site that rank first place in search engine for a particular keyword are said to have the most clicks. Hence, what you need to practice is to create attractive title that will helps you increase click rate even you are in below of search engine result page.

Step 4- link to authority and relevant site as well as previous content

You should cross-link your content to make lower bounce-rate and also build a stronger relationship with those who clicks and reads. Relevancy is important when doing SEO content, you must link the sites relevant with the content.

If you owned many sites, you can cross- reference each of them so that someone who visit site A then visit site B and later purchase in site C.

Step 5 – Use hash tags, bold font, introduction and conclusion on your SEO article, as well as alt text on all your images.

You are advice to put more image and video on your page as it much easier to understand and not so boring/

Step 6 – Include main keywords in post permalinks.

Your post url should be short but include the main keyword of your post. You can remove stop words like ‘the’ and ‘is’ to make your sentence shorter. You are advice to select permalinks using ‘post name’ at its suffix.

Step 7 – Build backlink to your article.

This is one of the important criteria to increase ranking factor. You should not forget to create backlinks for your post as good SEO practice would not make that mistakes.

You can easily find out that the top result for keywords usually have strong backlink profile to support that content.

How to build backlink? You can find relevant blogger and ask them link your article or you can choose guest posting on quality site. With the SEO tools Ahrefs, you can type the keywords and search the backlinks.

That’s all for you to create an SEO optimized post that google prefer.