SEO Audit Guides You Should Follow


SEO Audit Guides You Should Follow

Technical SEO problems can be a serious issue and affect your search ranking if you do not take it serious. All of your research, writing and publishing content on website can ruin by technical SEO problem.

Below are issues that you may want to audit in order to make sure your web pages are in good condition to deliver excellent search result.

Webpage can be indexed.

First and Foremost, you need to make sure that your web page can be indexed. It is important to ensure pages are not blocking by google.

You can get an index status report from google search to check number of pages google has actually crawled from your domain. The page count should be increasing overtime.

You need to eliminate site and url errors through tracking reports in Google search. You can retrieve a list of indexed page by searching your domain name in google.

Change to HTTPS

Google has announced that website with HTTPS is more favourable. Hence you need to update your website with HTTP using SSL.

This Is because https does offers encrypted communication which are more safe and secure.

Update Meta Data.

You need to ensure your meta tag is not block by google when pages are crawled. Using Alexa technical software can help to check how meta data can be optimized. Checking the source code to ensure <meta name= ‘robots’ content = no index’> not exists on page that will be index. If you want to check the current status of all our meta tag, you can utilise Run Screaming Frag to test your website meta tag.

Link profile need to be audit.

Getting large number of earning links from trusted domain can influence the search success. You need to audit backlinks using Alexa and google search and console.


Fasten Site Speed

User does not like slow-loading website that takes long time, thus search engine will favour those faster site for potential visitor. You should optimize your website to be load in 3 second or less to keep user click away.

To optimize the speed, you can use Alex speed testing tool to test, decrease image file size for betting performance, and speed up java script.

Avoid duplicate content

Duplicating content will decrease your rankings and dilutes the authority of the primary URL.

What you should do is use canonical links tag to aware google know which is the primary url. This is because content that are similar or duplicate with directly affect your search ranking.


Generate useful links

Creating more useful links and well-planned internal link structure can help to improve search ranking. The link created should use descriptive anchor text and use the same keyword where the page link to.

Mobile optimization

Nowadays, people use mobile to search information more than using PC at home. Thus a website that provide mobile friendly feature are prove to be more favourable by google. Your website design should be create regarding to the screen size and us mobile test tool to check out the friendliness.