Reasons why your business need practice SEO


Reasons why your business need practice SEO.

Many businesses and companies are starting to use SEO for digital marketing because of its effectiveness and advantages that will obtain from SEO work.

What basic knowledge that people know about SEO is it can help to improve a website overall visibility and searchablity, but SEO can do more than this.

Why SEO is important and why business need to do SEO?Below are the reasons that explain why business need SEO to growth or maintain their business

Organic search help to bring the most primary source of website traffic.

Comparing to paid search, organic search has a better performance and conversion. Buyer tend to use organic search to complete purchasing.

Google is now the leader of search market as they own a larger portion of search market than others competitor such as Baidu, yahoo, Bing and others.

Google is considered as one of the most visited website in the world, thus this showed that users who visit to google to get information happen every day.

SEO help to convert visitors into buyers

People nowadays tend to search information online before they proceed to shopping, especially product with high cost.

Thus, if company use SEO tactics to convey their message for great deals, attractive product and service, and what you can offers to customer will be very important and effective. It can help to convince user and impact on the buying cycle. If the brand has high visibility enough, it can easily allow potential customer to search and get the answer.

SEO is cheaper compare to others marketing tactics

SEO is relatively cheap yet provide significant result. It is a good idea to implement SEO in a long term time. Good SEO practice will bring significant benefit and result in future, although it may take time but definitely worth it.

Good SEO practice can improve user experience.

In order to reach higher organic rankings and great visibility, user experience does play an important role here to get there. All the favourable and unfavourable of user experience, google will take into account, a favourable user experience has become vital criteria to a website’s success.

User experience is positive when they found what they want on the site and there will be fine. However, if user can’t get what they want and leave immediate after visited to a website, then it will become a problem.

Google is working hard to offer user information within a few second, few click and quick result, thus quality SEO can generate a positive user experience.