Website Redesign and Its Impact on Your Website’s Organic Traffic


How website redesign impacts your organic traffic

Outdated website design can greatly impact the reputation of your site and the results that it generates. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that your website’s design essentially defines the amount of traffic that it gets and the amount of leads that it generates. This article discusses the importance of website redesign and its impact on your website’s traffic and overall prominence on the search engine.

The Impact of Website Design on Organic Traffic

Before we any further, let’s look at how website design impacts the traffic of your website. Users are generally drawn to the content of the website that allows them to find the solution to their specific problems. Website design must complement the content of the website in order to retain user’s attention. In simple words, your website design must compel the users to keep visiting. A digital marketing strategist can help you see whether you current website design serves the purpose of retaining the customers or not. If not, you need to take appropriate actions to ensure that it’s up-to-date with design trends.

Steps for Website redesign

Website redesign requires an extensive process that takes into account several steps. Peruse the steps below:

Step 1: Define the reason and objective.
Step 2: Determine the spending plan.
Step 3: Gather the site’s analysis.
Step 4: Examine the Competitors and their strategies.
Step 5: Outline your objectives with your company goals.
Step 6: Refine consumer personas.
Step 7: Analyze site’s current keywords.
Step 8: Conceptualize the site design.
Step 9: Conceptualize and wireframes and the overall layouts.
Step 10: Evaluate the visual outlook of the site.
Step 11: Find the right resources.

The following diagram illustrates the prominent steps for website redesign.

How to Approach Website Redesigning

Website redesigning is a complicated task that can only be carried out by a specialized web designer with ample experience in the field. Website redesigning essentially requires both graphic designer and content writer; remember that the redesigning task also requires content rewrite. The best way to approach website redesigning task is to contact a digital marketing agency. Most marketing agencies in Malaysia are geared towards providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the best possible resources to carry out the website redesign tasks (steps listed above).

Benefits of Garnering Organic Traffic

Now, you must be wondering why there is a need for redesign. The main advantage of website redesign is organic traffic. As mentioned-above, a user-friendly website design can help retain the attention of the visitor which ultimately leads to consistent traffic. Therefore, the role website redesign becomes important for the lead generation and customer retention.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand the reach of your brand awareness through regular internet marketing channels, then it is absolutely crucial that you take into account the elements that may improve your site’s overall reach. One such element is definitely the website redesign. Follow the above-mentioned steps to ensure that your website design is compelling to the user-base and garner the leads and traffic that you need for a consistent return.

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