The Critical parts of SEO You should know


The Critical parts of SEO You should know

SEO is a long process that takes time in order to build good rank of your business. SEO works to convert users to visitor, to end buyer, and win customer as well as increase sales of your company.

Today we will talk about 7 critical parts of SEO that you need to take note to create an effective SEO process.

Audience & Industry

First and foremost, you need to find out who are your target audience, competitor and clearly know what industry are you in. This is the basic yet important aspect in marketing.

You can ask yourself a few questions:

What industry are you belong to?

Who are your direct and indirect competitors?

Where your competitor mainly does business?

What types of customer are you targeting?

All of these question can help you in determine next steps in executing SEO strategy.


Keyword Research

After you narrow down your potential audience and industry, you need to do keyword research in order to find out what your audience is searching for and what terms they usually type to search your business.  You need to know not only what they are searching for but also need to know how they search it.

User Intent

In order to success in SEO, you need figure out what are the user intent behind those keywords.

For example, your audience searches for ‘mobile phone that can last long’ as a starting point. However, throughout your keyword research, you may figure variation for ‘mobile phone water proof’, and cheap mobile phone,’’ Each of the variation can impact in increase searchers leading back to your landing page.

You need to understand audience search behaviour to find out those deeper keywords that are worth targeting. Try to target deeper words as the deeper you go, the better opportunities that you will reach your potential customers.

Analyse report

You need get the report on result and to make accurate adjustments if requires.

Period of adjustment depends on which industry are you in. if you are in a fast changing industry then you need to integrate a quarterly keyword research task into your SEO process to check out what your audience are searching for.

Through analysing report, you can see exactly what keywords and landing pages are primary drivers of your SEO process execution.

Mobile optimization

One big thing you should know about is Google’s mobile first index, which is the new standard for search with focus on mobile website. Desktop site still remain important even though now is mobile new era. Your website should design for both mobile and desktop versions to avoid bounce-rate.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO such as site speed. coding. javascript. schema markup. schema json-ld and canonicalization need to take care as well. When any of these technical is not functioning, then your whole website can suffer.


Content is one the factors that can help increase ranking in search engine result. Content created need to be quality and relevant, avoid spam content as it does not help in SEO.

There are things you need to aware when it comes to content, such as on page optimization, meta description, keyword targeting, eliminate typos and grammar errors.