How small business can benefit from SEO- 5 Key Benefits


How small business can benefit from SEO- 5 Key Benefits

SEO can assist small business owner to create a user-friendly website that helps to bring more potential audience to their site and thus score higher rank in SEO and higher sales. Besides, SEO can help to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and also bypass competitors

We will explain in deeper of how these 5 benefits of SEO that can help in small business

User-friendly site

Todays, SEO is not only about optimising for search engine, but also focus improving user experience at the same time. SEO can help small business make a rapid and user-friendly website.

A website should be well structured, neat, and uncluttered to attract visitor to stay longer, this can help to decline the bounce rate and raising page views at the same time.

User-friendly site also helps to solve customer issue by providing high relevancy content. Try to keep your readers happy by solving their pressing issue and assist them find what they want for on your website. Another way to make reader happy is done properly on your on-page SEO, it can help increase your rank in search engine as well.

Attract More Customers

One of the major reason for building a website is to gain more customer base and fight with competitor. Business with SEO practice can help their website attract more customer compare to those business who does not practice SEO.

SEO can help small business to bring in potential customer who are actively seeking for your offer product or service. It helps you to target the right customers and also this is an affordable marketing strategy as it does not cost much on organic search engine, but it will take your times and energy to learn and build it. However, SEO can bring you potential customer and traffic to your website.

Increase Conversion Rates

Website with SEO optimization can loads faster, are more easy to read and understand, and also mobile friendly. Visitors love to read and stay on website that are easy to read and navigate, this are likely to grab and hold visitor’s attention. If they feel good and comfortable when surfing on your website they are more likely to become your customer, subscribers or returning visitors.


Enhance Brand Awareness

When your website gets higher ranking on search engine result page, small business can benefit from building brand awareness. This is because website that appear on the first page of search engine are more likely to gain searcher trust on your brand and have possibility of clicking into your website compare to those websites appear at the back of search engine result page. Therefore, small business should invest in SEO to build brand awareness and increasing top ranking for the keywords related to their business.

Bypass Competition

Last but not least, SEO can help small business to bypass competition. Let imagine two business within the same industry and selling similar product and price. The one with optimised website or the other one with no optimised website can attract more potential customer to the site? With no doubt, company with SEO optimization are more likely to become successful and grow their business faster.


SEO is a very powerful tool. If you not yet invest in SEO, you should have considered for it as it could help you become outstanding among your competitors.