Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?


Are you sure your website is mobile friendly? Really? Please check again before making your website go live!

Why we want you to do that? Due to the increase of users using mobile more than a desktop version of search engine, Google was slowly shifted from evaluated your website based on your website desktop version to mobile version since year 2016. The practicing of this by Google also knew as “Mobile-First Indexing”. Which means Google index your mobile website content, evaluate, and rank on SERPs based on the level of your mobile-friendliness.

Until this year, July 1, 2019; Google announced that all new websites “previously unknown to Google Search” will be indexed using mobile-first indexing. Then, what should you do about mobile-first indexing? Here are focusing on different webmasters:

Brand new websites

Do not worry about that if you have new websites. It is because Google is not yet aware of and it will be indexed using mobile-first indexing by default.

Sites that migrated to mobile-first indexing

It will continue to be indexed using mobile-first indexing, and work properly.

Older sites

If you are using older sites and not yet migrated, then it will continue indexed in an old-fashion way. This also means your website is indexing based on desktop-first indexing, not mobile-first indexing until you are ready to migrate.

*An additional note here:

If your site has separate desktop and mobile content (have dynamic serving or separate URLs site), you have to make sure you have same content between desktop and mobile site, structured data on mobile versions are updated to mobile URLs, and the equivalent of titles and meta descriptions for both mobile and desktop versions.