Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Local SEO


A global SEO is the targeting of keywords and traffic within a global environment, and local SEO is more on targeting keywords and traffic within a specific country. Every business’s strategy always targeting local first then only go beyond to global. It is the same with your website’s SEO targeting strategy too. Why targeting local first?

Local SEO rank higher than Global SEO

Firstly, target local market by using local SEO keywords such as SEO Malaysia, SEO Kuala Lumpur, etc… may easier to rank your website higher on SERPs than by using global SEO keywords. It is because global SEO keywords are more high competitiveness and more difficulty for online marketers used for their website or webpages.

Create benefit for your customers and prospects

Local customers and prospects do not know about you before they step into your physical shop. Well, this is same theory with your online shop or any business website. Customers or prospects were unable to reach your website or webpages while your website link does not appear on the first 3 pages of search engine result page (SERPs). But, targeting customers or prospects by using Local SEO strategy may easier to reach out. Customers or prospects just take a few clicks or search on search engine such as “Kuala Lumpur restaurants or “restaurant near me”.

Local SEO generate more profit

Of cause, when you provide these conveniences for your potential prospect and customer; it may also increase the possibility of sales grow and generate more profit for your online or in-store businesses.