3 Big Mistakes that you had made on your contents for On-Page and Off-Page SEO


Have you ever think “Why my contents not ranking well” and always asked ourselves “Is it all because my title or contents not creative or good enough?”, “Is it not enough blog post?”, “Is it the keywords that I used not enough and specific than competitor’s keywords?”, etc…

Well, it is not fully correct but in some way can be acceptable. So, what are those main reasons?

1) Relativeness of Contents

Do you know the relativeness of your content with your business products or services is important? Search engine algorithms always looking for those websites or webpages that have high content relativeness with the business’s products or services, contents that able to answer other user’s questions and solve user’s problems then only help those websites and webpages to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To solve this problem, you can use some keyword research tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc… to understand what are the questions normally search by users.

2) Keywords Used

You already know it is a must to place keywords in your website and webpages for better SEO performance. But, are you know whether your keywords are good enough for search engine optimization? Do you concern about the high or low competitive keyword and search volume?

We are likely to suggest you use different levels (high, medium, low) of competitive keyword and search volume in your website and webpages. It is because a high and medium level of competitive keywords may have a high search volume by users. A low level of competitive keywords sometime may generate greater results and enable SEO to differentiate between you and your competitors. In addition, create a long-tail keyword (eg: use long-tail keyword “Women Winter Jacket Hooded Fleece Coat” instead of “Women Winter Coat” also enhance the chances that able to meet the needs of searcher.

3) Frequently Update

Fresh Keywords with Relevant Content also what search engine keep looking for. Search engine is emphasizing E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) that help any business’s website and webpages to create greater SEO performance. Therefore, without a frequent update of your website and webpage’s content will show as outdated information and affect the trustworthiness of the website or webpages.

There is only a way to solve this mistake. That is “KEEP UPDATE” the contents of your website and webpages.