SEO – How to Build Users for Search Engine Ranking


When it comes to search engine optimization and Link building, many online marketers forget the fact that every successful SEO campaign rests on people interaction or in other words, user base. Now, what exactly is the interaction with the user base? Your target audience is the most important aspect of your overall digital marketing campaign. It is important to remember that it’s the people for whom you are creating the content. When you know your target audience, you know what the content will grab their attention the most and bring you leave and online exposure according to your business requirement.

Comprehending the interaction of user and search engines

The interaction between a user and a search engine takes place in a matter of seconds. The user enters a search query into the search engine and the search engine produces relevant results. If your website pages happen to rank well on Google, or any other search engine for that matter, Google will present your pages according to the relevancy of the user’s search on the search engine. It is search engines’ responsibility to provide users with the relevant results that aim to fulfill their purpose of research. This is why SEO specialists focus on building content for users and not search engines.

The interaction process between the user and search engine entails:

  • Understand the need for a certain answer by your target audience
  • Create the query to formulate words for that need
  • Place that query in Google
  • Browse the results provided by the search engine
  • Click on a certain result
  • Go through the page
  • If unsatisfied, click on another search result
  • If still unsatisfied, refine your query to find more results

The different types of queries

Usually, internet users utilize search engines to find answers to the questions that they can’t for me otherwise. Users will search for places to go (also known as Navigation queries), things that they need to know (also known as Informational queries), and things they want to do (also known as Transnational queries). Peruse the examples of the 3 types of search engine queries below:

Web search and online marketing

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in helping marketers find the right keyword and search queries that are most likely to direct their customers to their page. Keyword research is strongly linked with query analysis that allows online marketers to look for the keywords that are searched most within a single domain by their target customers in order to find the right keyword to utilize in their SEO campaign.

How to use this information for your digital marketing strategy?

In order to build user base for search engine ranking, it is crucial that you understand your target audience, their interests and buyer habits. This information allows you to generate queries to the most searched results according to your chosen category (the category that defines your product and services).

Understanding the different types of queries and their importance in search engine rank can assist in building a keyword library that significantly contributes towards online prominence that generates results.