Monetize Your Brand with Shorten URL Development

Monetize Your Brand with Shorten URL Development


Variety of tools designed for different needs and purposes

[universal_services universal_name=”COMPLETE STATS” universal_text=”See what brings you the most earnings and modify strategies to increase your profits.”]
[universal_services universal_icons=”ion-ios-book” universal_name=”WEBSITE SCRIPTS” universal_text=”Use copy-and-paste configurable scripts and easily monetize visits to your website in various ways.”]
[universal_services universal_icons=”ion-social-facebook” universal_name=”SOCIAL WIDGETS” universal_text=”Have even your Facebook, Twitter, G+ shares monetized”]
[universal_services universal_icons=”ion-android-refresh” universal_name=”AFFILIATES” universal_text=”Get paid every time you refer someone. Earn a 20% life-time commission”]
[universal_services universal_icons=”ion-ios-pause-outline” universal_name=”API” universal_text=”Shorten links more quickly with easy to use API and bring your creative and advanced ideas to life.”]
[universal_services universal_icons=”ion-social-dropbox-outline” universal_name=”WP & BLOGSPOT TOOLS” universal_text=”Benefit from smart solutions for the most popular website engines and blogging platforms.”]


01 Wide range of monetization tools for our publishers, ready to use scripts and plugins.
02 Only premium ads  with global coverage.
03 High CPM rates Premium ads with premium payouts.
04 Work with us anytime and anywhere
05 Real time statistics Your earnings up to date, always.

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