6 Social Media Tools for Online Marketers


Increasing your chances of success through social media

Digital marketing has totally transformed the way businesses communicate and engage with their potential customers. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that communication has evolved to give marketers a better chance at garnering their potential customers’ attention through online marketing tools. One such tool is social media. In this post, we will highlight a couple of remarkable social media tools that every online marketer needs to utilize for better results.

6 social media tools that you should try

1. Post Planner: Post planner is a great tool for Facebook postings. It is a content management application that is utilized within Facebook to schedule and share posts on a certain time. The post planner makes Facebook posting simple for novice online marketers.

2. Rignite: Rignite is a social media platform monitoring tool that allows you to monitor all your social media networks from a single dashboard. The easy-to-use interface and instant review allows you to track the performance of all your social media networks.

3. Buffer: Buffer is one of the most commonly utilized social media sharing platforms that allows online marketers to schedule and post their social media content. Buffer offers the clean interface that allows you to post to multiple social media channels through scheduled posting.

4. Canva: Canva is an online designing tool that gives online marketers a great opportunity to create and share visually stunning designs for social media posts. The application offers hundreds of free and paid templates for Facebook, posts, blog graphics, instagram banners and Twitter banners, to name a few. In simple words, Canva makes web designing simple for online marketing activities.

5. Hootsuite: HootSuite is a social media sharing platform just like Buffer with an exception of a few features that separate the two. Just like Buffer, it allows you to share on various social media platforms of your business through a simple dashboard that posts on every social media channel with a single single click.

6. Compfight: Photos are an important part of any blog or website as they help define the emotion associated with the content. With Compfight, you can easily find photographs that have a commercial license for easy sharing on your blog and website. The application searches photos from Flickr that go well with your content.

How to pick the right tool?

There are various modern social media tools that allow you to make your social media postings and schedule a piece of cake. Every online marketer has its own strategy regarding using a certain tool; you can try various tools and see what works best for your goals and requirements.

Before choosing a tool, make sure:

  • What is the usability of your selected tools; do they offer an easy-to-use interface and the dashboard?
  • Which social media tool will go best with my requirements?

Social media tools are a great way to make your job easy as a social media marketer. These tools allow you to save time while effectively producing results for your business. Pick your tool today for better results!