How to Align Local SEO with Overall Digital Marketing Campaign for Better Exposure


Getting more Leads with Well-Aligned Local SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process that requires marketers to understand and take into account various online marketing factors before implementing the strategy. Search Engine Optimization can be conducted through various online marketing tools and internet marketing action plans; however, online marketers need to understand which tool or technique will work best for a certain audience. This article highlights the importance of Local SEO marketing tools and their utilization to garner better leads and ultimately more business.

What Is Local SEO?

As the name suggests, local SEO is targeted towards the local audience. In simple words, local SEO is a strategy for optimizing web pages and their content in order to garner the interest of the specified target audience in a region. The purpose of the strategy is to make sure that the local product or service-seekers can easily find your business online. In order to make sure that the local SEO strategy works the best, it must be well-aligned with the overall digital marketing campaign.

Aligning your local strategy with digital marketing strategy

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is set out to produce the results that you seek. See the image above to understand the framework for commonly used by successful internet marketers. The following elements must be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation and marketing
  • PPC
  • Link building
  • Press release distribution
  • Search engine marketing
  • Local search engine optimization

It is important to mention here that local SEO strategy must be integrated well with your digital marketing strategy, which means that it must be a part of your overall online campaign. The following image showcases how a properly implemented digital marketing strategy can help you acquire and retain customers.

In order to align your Local SEO strategy with the overall digital marketing strategy, you need to redefine the SEO goals for your local audience. Local SEO keywords are slightly different from your general SEO campaign keywords for example, if the general SEO campaign keyword is “digital marketing services,” then the local SEO keyword will be “digital marketing services, Malaysia.”

Therefore, the step one in the process of aligning your local SEO strategy with the overall digital strategy is the keyword research and selection.

Researching the right keywords for local SEO

Researching the right keywords is probably the most challenging tasks for online marketers as it requires an in-depth research of the competitors’ keywords to find the ones that will stand out. The following image shows the keyword research process that you can utilize for your specific company strategy.

After you have successfully conducted your keyword research, you will be able to target those keywords through specific content marketing and social media channels. Find the right keywords for your local SEO and utilize the same tools and techniques that you use for your digital marketing strategy to make sure that both blend in well together.