SEO – How to track and measure your search engine performance


Metrics to track and measure SEO campaign’s productivity

Tracking and monitoring matters a lot when it comes to search engine optimization. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that tracking and monitoring are crucial for any digital marketing campaign’s success. SEO specialist and professionals analyze SEO data referrals, links and ranking statistics to improve SEO strategy for a consistent success. Peruse the correlating questions with metrics to understand the extent of data monitoring and tracking below:

The 5-step approach to track and measure

The following metrics are usually utilized to track the progress of SEO campaigns.

1. Measuring referring visits: Major contribution of traffic sources on a monthly basis. Measure direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic. Understanding exact percentage of the links from different sources will help you understand the weaknesses that impact your SEO campaign.
2. Utilize search engine referrals: Measure the traffic generated from different search engines, especially Google. Compare the market share of your traffic from each search engines and with the performance of each search engine; measure how much traffic is generated from each. In addition, monitor your visibility and potential drops that signify exact contributions from different search engines. Use this information to diagnose the issues that hinder your online marketing progress.
3. Identify the valuable keywords: During your analysis, one thing that you need to monitor closely is the keywords that are driving the traffic through various search engines towards your website. Look for terms and phrases that do well on search engines. Only utilize keywords that are in demand during a certain time period, for example, a week, month or year. It is important to remember here that keyword demand changes constantly giving marketers a challenge to keep an eye on the trends.
4. Look for conversion rate by keywords: Measuring the conversion is one of the most crucial things for search engine monitoring and tracking. Check conversion rates by keyword, which means notice the keywords that drive the traffic that easily converts. Identify the keywords that consistently send potential visitors who become paying customers.
5. Identify the pages that receive the most visits: In order to garner a clear indication of success or failure, it is important to monitor and measure the traffic each page receives. Pages that receive the most traffic are indexed well on Google.

Peruse some of the most commonly utilized tools:

There are a lot of metrics that can be used to determine success of search engine optimization; the above-mentioned tools produce effective reports and results that help you enhance your SEO strategy for better online marketing results.

Metrics to measure progress on Google

Google is undoubtedly the most famous search engine on the planet with billions of web pages in its index storage. Here are a couple of ways you can track and monitor your SEO progress for Google. The following image shows the dashboard for Google analytics, a tool that can help you measure traffic (leads and conversions).

Restrict your research to a particular site: Monitor and track your SEO campaigns progress for a single domain at a time. It is essential to extensively analyze web pages on a single domain to understand what pages have been indexed and what require more attention.

Understanding Google analytics

Features of Google tools

Utilize Google Trends: Use Google Trends to search the keywords that are popular in certain period of time.

Google visual tool

Google Trends dashboard

Utilize Google search query: Utilize Google’s search query or queries search tool to measure page relevancy and popularity.

Measure and track your SEO campaign’s success by using the above mentioned tools and tactics and ensure your campaign’s success on a constant basis. These metrics allow you to create a substantial growth strategy that not only keeps one step ahead of your game, but also help you prepare for any challenges that may come your way.