SEO – Understanding the value of a keyword-Things you need to know


Value of a keyword and its impact on online marketing activities

Keywords are the main ingredients for search engine optimization and various other search marketing activities that allow website owners and business owners who use internet to gain ample prominence for sales and product purchase.

Importance of Keywords in online marketing

Keyword research is one of the most valuable activities in search engine marketing; the use of right keywords can bring your business to the level that can actually produce results and business longevity. With keyword research, online marketers can predict the corrector stick relevant keywords that can bring the right kind of target audience to the website. Keyword research is usually the first part of SEO process. Consider the following image to understand the importance of keyword research in the overall SEO process.

In order to understand the importance of keywords and keyword research in online marketing, it is important to remember that the purpose of getting visitors to the website revolves around getting the right target audience. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that keywords essentially bring your target audience to your website to kick start the sales process. In simple words, the keyword research process is an extensive procedure that allows online marketers to find the right keywords for a business. Peruse the process of keyword research:

What is the value of a keyword?

The value of a keyword defines the worth of the keyword for your business. The higher the value of a keyword the better its chances of garnering ample online visibility and search engine rank.

Value of a keyword can only be judged through proper understanding of the website and its target audience. It is directly linked with its relevance to the search inquiries that your target audience is going to type in search engines.

How to determine the value of a keyword?

Here is the process of determining the value of a keyword:

1. Look for keywords that are relevant to your business and represent your website accurately.
2. During the keyword research process, look for your relevant (step 1) keywords on all major search engines.
3. Utilize Google adwords to determine the exact relevance of a keyword; tracks the site’s conversion rate and impressions to determine what keywords bring the most clicks.
4. Utilize the data gathered from the above steps to measure the exact value of your keywords before integrating them in your web content. The following image shows the keyword value pyramid with value of keywords on different website pages.

Types of keywords

The type of keyword matters a lot when it comes to determining the value. The following images illustrate the 3 most common forms of keywords and their importance in search engine optimization.

Generic Keywords

Broad Keywords

Long tail keywords

Keyword Research tools

Keyword research tools allow you to have an extensive medium for research at your disposal. There are myriad keyword research told available for online marketing activities; here are just a few that you can utilize:

Keyword research requires a deep comprehension of the demand of the keywords. So, before continuing your keyword research, make sure that you understand the demand for a certain phrase or term that you want to choose for your keyword. Additionally, look for keywords that tend to do well on the search engine. The broad keywords usually cost less and do well on search engine ranks (see the “broad keywords” image above”.