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March 25, 2017
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March 26, 2017
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If You Want to Grab DFTZ domains, You Are LATE~~

Catch an Early Worm with Right Domain Purchase at the Right Time

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On March 22, Malaysian Government launched one of the biggest e-commerce partnerships in the history of the country with DFTZ, the digital free trade zone projects that combines one of the biggest global e-commerce trade groups with MDEC.

As soon as the update of the launch came to the surface, the Domain name “DFTZ” was registered right away. Domain owners wasted no minute in making the decision to grab the domain as soon as possible. This essentially gave them the “early bird catches the worm” advantage that allows them to obtain ownership of the domains that are prominent in particular time.

Perks of catching the early worm

Domain owners who are highly successful rely in the first-mover strategy that allows them to garner the ownership of most popular domains as soon as the news breaks. This essentially allows them to put out relevant information that the audience expects to see about the relative news that substantially increases the organic traffic and hence the ad revenue.

Buying the right domain at the right time is crucial if you really want to succeed as a domain owner. With the right domain comes the right traffic that essentially contributes towards your site’s performance.

DFTZ.MY was registered on 8th March 2017

DFTZ.COM.MY was registered on 8th March 2017

DFTZ.NET.MY was registered on 8th March 2017

DFTZ.ORG.MY was registered on 8th March 2017

DFTZ.NAME.MY was registered on 22th March 2017

DFTZ.ASIA was registered on 8th March 2017

DFTZMALAYSIA.COM .was registered on 23th March 2017

Domain owners who watch the timing for the domain purchases get to find the domains that are associated with the popular news that are most searched on the internet. The popularity of the domains depends heavily on the popular internet searches. The sooner you book the domain after the new breaks, the higher your chances are to obtain the flow of those searches to increase your site’s popularity that also contributes towards the revenue at the need of the day.

If you wanted the domains related to DFTZ, it’s too late! Keep an open eye and utilize early bird strategy to find ownership for the next popular domain.

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