3 Challenges of Customer Service for an online business and their solution


When it comes to establishing a strong online presence for substantial monetary returns for your business, customer service is the key ingredient that ensures that your business stays afloat. Many businesses ignore the significance of customer service and lose their valuable customers. If you want to garner long lasting online business success, then it is important that you understand and Implement online customer service tactics. The problem for most businesses is that they fail to distinguish between online customer service and traditional customer service. This article highlights how online customer service is different, what challenges you may face, and what is the solution for those challenges.

Online customer service for a business

If you have decided to take your business online then bear in mind that the traditional marketing techniques will not work to acquire customers online. Online business management is a completely different ball game when it comes to acquiring leads through customer service. In order to understand online customer service you have to familiarize yourself with the digital marketing and its various components that play a critical role in creating online business success. The major difference between online customer service and traditional customer service is the time. Online customer service requires 24/7 commitment and dedication to customer support while and traditional customer service you only need to stick to your business hours. However this is not the only difference that separates the two; online customer service is much more demanding when it comes to managing and handling customer support online.

The 3 challenges of online customer service and their solution

Employee training: The biggest challenge in terms of online customer service is employee training. A traditional salesman can use scripted lines to be polite to customer, but an online customer support representative needs more than that. Online customer service is all about engaging with customers on a human level to understand the requirements and deliver accordingly. So before you start your own online business, make sure that your employees or at least the sales staff has been trained to handle queries online. The one thing that can mess up your online customer support is miscommunication. That is why it is important that employees are trained to use an appropriate written and verbal tone to deliver the message effectively. The following image shows the factors for online customer support your employees must keep in mind.

Employee availability: The next big challenge is availability. As mentioned above, online customer service requires 24/7 sales staff presence to handle customers’ queries at all times. If you cannot make that possible, then make sure that you have appropriate system generated messages that inform the client that their message has been received.

Tools to handle support online: Your website must be geared with the proper online tools to handle customer support online. For example, your website must have an online live chat support to assist customers who visit your website.Online customer service is highly beneficial in producing desired sales given that you utilize it in the right way. Tackle with the above-mentioned challenges to make sure that you give your customers an unprecedented service for better customer experience that ultimately generates loyalty and retention.