4 Effective Ways to show Client Appreciation for Better Client Business Relation


The Spectrum of online business is consistently evolving with technological advancements and new and improved ways to approach business management. When it comes to customer satisfaction, there are a lot of ways that can help you garner customer interest in a positive and effective way that contributes towards retention. Many business owners and entrepreneurs miss a lot by ignoring customer and client appreciation. This post discusses some of the most effective ways that can help you with customer retention through proper appreciation.

1. Create a loyalty Policy: Online marketing is a tricky process; there are a lot of instances where some things work and some things don’t, which is why it remains a consistent and evolving process. Make customer appreciation more than just a marketing tactic; create loyalty policy and include it in your strategic planning so that your employees and partners understand how and why you utilize digital marketing techniques to show appreciation to your clients.

It is important to mention here that appreciation is directly linked with client loyalty which is a key contributor of client retention. Therefore, your loyalty policy should be sketched around the idea of consistently showing your clients how much you appreciate their trust in your business.

2. Have a gratifying attitude: When it comes to online customer support, your attitude and your tone matters a lot. Always remember that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Whether it’s online live chat, email, or a call, train your employees to develop and retain a positive and gratifying attitude when they speak to customers online. The following list shows the words and phrases that help you portray appreciation in verbal and written form:

  • Thank you for choosing us!
  • We appreciate your support and trust in our service.
  • We cherish your support!
  • We are honored that you trust and support us!
  • It’s been a pleasure serving you!
  • We are honored to take your brand to the next level.

3. Attach rewards to milestones: Rewards are a great way or possibly the best way to show your appreciation to your clients. Rewards can be both monetary and non-monetary; for example, extra bonus points for non-monetary services, discounts, free gifts and free specialized services are all examples of rewards that can help you appreciate your clients for better retention. These rewards can be a part of a loyalty program or can be attached to a milestone. For example, you can give your first 100 customers free ebooks to celebrate your business’s escalation.

4. Use Social media to show appreciation: Social media plays a crucial role when it comes to showing customer appreciation. Share your customers’ stories online with your other customers and community. You can share their birthdays and other special occasions to make them feel an important part of your community. Apart from the above-mentioned appreciation techniques, you can appreciate your customers by responding quickly online, by creating satisfying customer service, offering online gift by investing in giveaways, and by covering their costs occasionally through free service upgrades. Remember that customer appreciation directly link to customer retention, so do not take it lightly!