4 Pokemon Go Modern Marketing Tactics that you have to try for your business


For those who still scratch their head when they hear Pokémon Go, it is a mobile based augmented reality mobile game that brings Pokémon world to life. That’s right, with Pokémon Go, you experience the cartoons live through your mobile’s screen. This augmented reality game has amalgamated digital objects with the physical world to give users a unique experience that quickly became a hit in the market. The creators of Pokémon Go clearly understand how to build significant user engagement through unique customer experience. In this article we look at 4 Pokémon Go modern marketing tactics that you can try for your online business.

Be creative with your online marketing efforts: There are a lot of things that can be done when it comes to digital marketing. Pokémon Go has taught us to be immensely creative with our marketing efforts. If you look at the online promotion of Pokémon Go, you won’t find hundreds of digital ads popping on every website. The marketers of Pokémon Go utilized a simple, yet effective approach towards online marketing and that is the utilization of digital marketing channels through sheer creativity for enhanced user experience.Invest in customer engagement

The surprising outcome of the launch of Pokémon Go is undoubtedly its ability to drive foot traffic. The app encourages people to walk around their cities catching the pocket monsters or the virtual cartoons from the Pokémon world significantly increasing the foot traffic around the world. Online marketers have long tried to understand the breakthrough success of the game, but it’s apparent; the game is all about customer engagement and unique user experience. Pokémon Go proves that giving your customers a unique customer experience significantly impacts your success. Therefore, before you outline online marketing strategy, think about the unique value proposition, for enhanced customer experience, that you bring to your customer.Use digital information to understand customers better

Pokémon Go shows that digital behavior can tell you a lot of things about your customers. Online marketers can use this tactic to collect data about customers; understand what they like and what they resist. Marketers can easily gather that data through online purchase habits, online shopping habits, online store visits and customer browsing history.Understand the intangible qualities of a service

Pokémon Go focuses on delivering small yet significant engagement opportunities that allow its players to consistently stay in touch with the game. Online marketers need to understand the importance of intangible qualities of a service that draw customers towards a specific product. Remember that customers are not always looking for the tangible product when they pay for a service or a product; they dig for the hidden, valuable qualities that give unique user experience. Understand the hidden, intangible qualities of your product or service and make sure that there is a demand for those qualities.

Customer and market research matters a lot when it comes to online business success. Pokémon Go developers studied years of location data collected by Google maps to find the engaging location for Pokémon Go. This shows that the right research can help you tap into areas that have the potential to be significantly profitable. Utilize these tactics today to enhance your services for a better return.