5 Simple Questions that can help you boost sales


Customer retention is the only thing that guarantees business longevity. Those who fail to understand retention and the elements that contribute towards retention usually suffer in the long run. Communication plays the biggest role in successful client-business relationship and research shows that many successful businesses lose their long-term clients just because the fail to effectively communicate.  This article looks at how you can retain customers through proper communication. We will be looking at the five simple questions that can help you boost your sales through customer retention.

Imagine if you have to wait on the live chat for around for 20 minutes for the customer care representative to talk to you. This kind of situation can be frustrating for customers. If you fail to deliver, somebody else will get it right and you will lose a valuable customer. Consider the following 5 questions to include in your online customer service for better communication that can ultimately lead to retention and sales.

  1. Is this everything you need?

Ask this question when you deliver a service or product to your client. You have to make sure that your service has been done in a satisfying manner so the client or customer has no complaints.

  1. Would you like any improvements/adjustments?

Ask this question after delivering a product or service to make sure that the client/customer does not require any changes. If changes are required, make sure to address those improvements right away.

  1. Can I help you with something else?

Your job does not end after delivering the product or service. Remember that you have to retain your customer for future business, so ask them if there’s anything else you can help them with. If possible, learn more about their requirements and try to provide solutions.

  1. Can I be of any assistance?

The online live chat support tool is one of the most effective ways to garner the attention of a lead that has reached your website. Ask your visiting customers if they need any assistance. Your online chat support should be available 24 hours a day all around the year. Online marketing services are a great way to offer assistance t customers that have a highest probability of converting into customers.

  1. Please accept my apologies and let me fix this for you. Can I please kindly have your feedback?

There can be times in customer service that you may not be able to deliver according to the requirements. First of all make sure that it never happens, but in case it has occurred, apologize sincerely and try to fix the problem. At this point, make sure to garner customer feedback to implement a proper change to fix the problem.

Communication matters a lot when it comes to customer service. Quality communication always leads to better sales because customers are not just drawn to what you are selling, but to how you are selling it. They need to see the value in the relationship that you offer them through your products and services. So, make sure to include the above-mentioned questions in your online marketing campaign to contribute towards your overall sales through customer retention.