Choosing your business message for Quality Customer Service


In this day and age of digitalized business management, customer service has evolved into something much more than just a bridge that fills the communication gap between the business and the customer; it has become a tool to garner and retain customers for substantial business profitability. To implement quality customer service, it is important that you understand the underlying message that defines the core of your business and your attitude towards your customers. This articles discuss why customer service requires a proper marketing message that reflects your values and customers concerns.

But before we go any further…

What exactly is customer service?

Customer service is more than just providing customers with the products or services that fulfill their demands; it is a strategy that aims to win their loyalty for business longevity. Customer service entails extensive customer care that includes everything from online customer support to customer relationship management. For online businesses customer service matters the most as it is the key component of customer retention that ultimately contributes towards business longevity.

Understand your business

The first step in choosing your business/marketing message for effective customer communication is a deep understanding of your business. Your business cannot be just for money; there must be an underlying brand message that sets you apart from your competitors and helps you connect with your target audience. The following image shows a sample business strategy that helps business owners understand what they want and where they are headed.

While comprehending the core of your business, answer the 4 crucial questions:

Developing your marketing message

After you have a clear understanding of why you do what you do, the next step is to create a marketing message that is well-aligned with your mission and vision. Every business needs to have a distinctive voice; a message or an underlying purpose that can help business connect with its audience and help them recognize that voice. You talk to your customers or provide them customer service, it is important that you have that message in mind.

While comprehending the core of your business, answer the 4 crucial questions:

In simple words, the marketing message allows you to serve your customer keeping in mind the purpose of your business, which helps you connect better for increased retention.

Understand the purpose of communication

So now you have your message, but what exactly would you use it for? Many businesses ignore the importance of marketing message and its integration with daily customer communication. As mentioned-above, customer service is more than just for communication; it is a tool to acquire and retain customers. The purpose of communication is to make sure that your sales team is equipped with the right written and verbal communication skills that can help retain customers through online marketing services. The following image shows the key steps to achieve effective communication for customer service.

While comprehending the core of your business, answer the 4 crucial questions:

Regardless of your business type, your customer service should represent that you really care about your customers through proper and quick response. Integrate your business’s purpose into your customer service communication. In fact, include your business purpose on all levels of communication to maintain consistency. In addition, train your customer service staff so they understand your purpose and can easily integrate that into customer communication.