Creating unprecedented customer experience to WOW your customers every day


Do you run an online business? Do you find it hard to keep your customers talking about you? Do you find it hard to keep their attention on your services for substantial returns? Establishing and running an online business can be overwhelmingly challenging especially for those who are novice in their respective field. Things can be easier if you just understand the essential ingredients for creating success. This article we will discuss the single most important ingredient for successful online business—customer experience.

Understand customer experience

Before we go on to talk about customer experience and how it can be achieved to unprecedented customer service, let’s just talk about the customer experience first. Those who are a bit hazy about the concept of customer experience, it is an overall experience that your customers receives through customer service. In simple words, it is the feel of your service that either drives off a new customer or retains him for a long term business. Digital marketing tactics aim towards creating a unique customer experience that is capable of bringing business value. Peruse the customer experience maturity model below to understand the steps that are involved in creating lifelong loyalty.

4 quirky ways to WOW your customers every day

1. Remove the word “NO” from your dictionary: Never say “No” to your customers no matter what. This is probably the most prominent rule for creating quality customer service. Remember that the purpose of customer service is to not only garner new leads, but to retain old customers for improved business longevity.

2. Tweet, tweet and tweet: Twitter is one of the most prominent social media channels that play a key role is establishing communication between customers and businesses. Do not hesitate to tweet at your customers on a regular basis to create a fun conversation. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy from a service provider if they feel connected, and what better way to connect with your customers than social media! In order to use twitter effectively, it is important that you follow your customers to be ready to strike when the opportunity arises.

3. Surprise and delight your customers: Customers love free stuff! There is no question about the fact that everybody loves free stuff and rewards that pop out of nowhere. See the following example:

Here is a quick way to implement “surprise and delight” strategy:

4. Be a human and engage: When it comes to creating quality customer service for better customer experience, the good old rule of customer engagement stays on top of every online marketing strategy. Utilize all online mediums to make sure that you have a consistent and quality communication for enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. Understand that experience greatly defines the loyalty of a customer.

Utilize online marketing tactics to connect with your customers on a regular basis to pave a way for better communication that can ultimately lead to improved customer experience and loyalty. Include customer experience strategy at the heart of online marketing strategy to reap the rewards of customer loyalty and engagement in the long run.