4-Step strategy to create a Social Media Content Calendar for your business


Creating a social media calendar for a year

Would you like to create a content management calendar that prepares you for content postings on your various social media accounts for a year?

Content management calendar is a great way to plan your content for the social media channels. It’s going to be hard to layout a schedule that consistently align your postings with your target customers’ requirements, while at the same time allowing you to make sales through social media channels. This article discusses a 4-step strategy that can help you create a social media calendar for a year.

Why create a social media content management calendar?

Just like the website content management calendar, social media content management calendar allows you to schedule posts; what posts goes on which platform and at what time. This helps you align your social media content with your content strategy to achieve consistent results through your social media channels.Step 1: List down your sources for content

Content sources matter a lot when it comes to creating content strategy for social media. The first step in the process is to list down your sources for the content. Social media content sources should include both audio and visual sources. Your digital marketing strategy should have an individual section for content research marketing that allows you to find valuable sources. The following image shows the various types of content that can be published through social media.

Step 2: Decide the posting schedule

The second step of the process is the posting schedule. You have to decide beforehand about which post should be posted on which platform and on what date and time. Specifying the date and time of the postings can help you understand how your content is being delivered to the social media audience and how soon should you expect the results. Consider the following image as an example for this step.

Step 3: Fill in your content calendar

The third step of the process is to fill in your content management calendar for social media. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Calendar to create your content management calendar. Consider the following image to understand an example of how a Content management calendar looks. Simply assign posts to each day for specific social media channel, as shown in the image below. Your social media strategist should be able to create a content management calendar that substantially contributes towards the overall content management strategy.

Step 4: Implement, monitor and improve

The fourth, and the last step of the process, involves implementation, monitoring and reviewing of the social media postings. You have to make sure that the postings are being done according to the management calendar.

Your review process should analyze the results of the social media postings. Are your customers being engaged with the kind of posts you are sharing to your social media channels? Are the social media postings bringing any sales to the company? These are the kind of questions you should answer while reviewing the social media postings on a monthly basis.

Creating content management calendar is an easy step; however, monitoring the postings and their results is the real job for an online marketer.