4 Tips to increase Sales through Social Media channels


Increasing sales through digital marketing

Do you intend to increase your online sales through social media? Do you want to increase the number of sales through your social channels?

Social media channels and their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they contribute directly to your customer business relationships. According to a research study, more than 62% of the businesses sell their products and services to e-commerce websites and stores. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular in this day and age mainly because of the fact that it allows sellers from anywhere in the world to sell to people anywhere in the world through a few simple clicks. Social media channels complement e-commerce websites, and in this article we look at the four important tips that can help you sell better through social media.1. Add call to action:

The call to action is a word or phrase that triggers a desired response from your customers. The most common set of action phrases include, but are not limited to:

  • Sign up here
  • Subscribe for more news
  • Call us today
  • Sign and up for a free copy!
  • Add to cart
  • Shop now

The following image shows various common call-to-action phrases utilized by online businesses.

Call to action button must be present on your website and your social media channels. It is ideal to add a call to action button on your social media posts to remind your potential customers to take an action.

Call to action example Facebook

Call to action example Twitter

Call to action example LinkedIn

2. Highlight your current sales/clients: Showcasing your clients and customers on your social media channels is a great way to highlight that your brand is trustworthy and has been approved by various customers. See an example below.

3. Become a part of social media conversations: Social media offers a good platform the communication between the business and its customers. With more than 72% of the world’s population using their smartphones for browsing products and services online, there is a great possibility to use social media to communicate with your customers.

Social Media communication is quick and effective and offers instant results; you can either get a customer or lose a customer with your communication tactics. LinkedIn and twitter are one of the most effective platforms for customer-brand communication.

4. Make social connections with industry influencers: Industry influencers are people who already have a substantial following on the internet. Influencer marketing or networking must be an integral part of your online marketing strategy in order to make sure that your brand has enough support to back the claims of reliability.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, always include your media partners in your social media promotion, so your potential customers instantly understand your position in the industry.

Generating sales through social media is one of the most convenient things to do for online marketers; all you have to do is to make sure that you have the right content that is directed towards your right market through the use of right digital marketing tactics. Social media allows you to engage with your target market, so you can increase your brand’s trust through a profound connection with your audience. Find your influencers today to get started!