Understanding the significance of Presume marketing for online businesses


What is the number one reason to utilize online marketing tactics? Many online marketers agree that online marketing is geared towards one and only one thing and that is product promotion through digital channels that increase the probability of reaching as much target audience as possible. At the end of the day, regardless of what online marketing strategies you utilize, the purpose remains the same—place the product in front of the target audience to kick start the sales funnel.

The need for audience attention

The first step of the sales process starts with audience awareness. Audience attention driving strategies contribute heavily towards audience awareness. It is important to understand here that the concept of audience awareness is extremely crucial if you want to comprehend your target audience. Research shows that on average people have only 10-25 seconds of attention span for a specific ad or promotional banner. If you don’t retain their attention past the 25 seconds time frame, you lose them. The following graph shows audience/customers attention span with time.

Audience Attention Span

Digital presume marketing tactics are devised to make sure that you have your audience’s attention, and you are able to retain their attention through digital marketing tactics for long enough to trigger interest that can ultimately contribute towards the purchase decision.

What is Presume marketing?

Presume marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing that aims to increase the exposure of a certain product or service through networking and public events. Online marketing experts believe that presume marketing ensures that people are aware of the presence of a certain product or service. This ultimately leads to better product exposure and brand awareness that is geared towards building a profitable business. With presume marketing, marketers tend to increase the exposure of the product through online conventions, TV shows and televised public events that can place the product in front of the target audience in a positive and encouraging way. Presume marketing is also implemented through online channels that give opportunity for better product exposure online; social networking sites are used as a part of presume marketing campaign to promote a certain image of a brand or its products.

Ways to approach Presume Marketing

Social media channels are the key gateways for implementing digital presume marketing strategy for a company. Social media channels, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, are a great way to increase the exposure of a product or service through stunning and engaging visuals and encouraging content that lures the customers to the company’s website where the actual sales process begins. Similarly, you can utilize quality other websites to increase the exposure of your product or service. This is usually achieved through product banner and content promotion on external high quality sites that have ample website traffic. The following image shows the social media marketing strategy for presume marketing campaign.

The aim of presume marketing is to garner audience attention through engaging visuals that effortlessly deliver your brand message to promote products and services. Presume marketing is utilized in combination with other digital marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, email marketing and other forms of guerilla marketing to create a significant impact that can garner the desired customer response.